We're devoted for floorball development. To develop ourself and to go on with a sport, that's still quite new in the globe. We started our business with the smallest, and we've grow on with them. These days we have lots of teammates who are committed into the very same purposes.
Reikäpallon perässä on suhteellisen tuoretta toimintaa pallollamme. Olemme tiiviisti mukana lajin kasvussa ja kehityksessä, ja haluamme kasvaa sen mukana. Oma kehityksemme alkoi pienimpien parissa, vuosien varrella olemme hankkineet kalakavereita monista piireistä. Kumppaneidemme kuulumisia löytyy helpoiten tältä sivulta.



Finnish floorball team

Suomen Salibandymaajoukkue

The world's best floorball team goes on with success. The teams (men, women and youth teams) together with Finnish floorball federation enjoys with Realstick's good support. You can read the latest news from

Unfortunately, in Finnish only. Learn it, pal!

Seinäjoen Peliveljet, SPV
The Finnish league champions doesn't trust for one-night stand. After many weeks of testing and tons of questions, we've signed the sweet contract – where both have the hunger to go on. The champion team is the most physical, team-oriented pack in the whole country. Sure it's nice to put Realstick onto these hands! Watch out:
We have a lot of common events, check out the Facebook sites eventually!

Nurmon Jymy
They play at the 3rd highest league in Finland (2th division in Finnish). The ladies hits the plastic in 1th div. Yes, they do it hard, men's team suffered a sour loss at their tryouts into men's first division. Jymy and SPV home arenas are at 10 km distance, but they hardly talks to each others. It's normal in Eastern-Bothnia, Finland. So you can be sure, when you meet Jymy, you meet some Dudeson-energy! A perfect combination for Realstick support...
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  Suomen Cup

 "Finnish Cup", also known as Teho-cup is Finland's most famous floorball cup. It covers nicely the league's off-season time.. The games are very sweet, it's usually a big event when famous league team meets a small, third-division team at their home arena. The excitement quaranteed! Realstick is supporting the Finnish cup at a full strength!

Tyttösäbä on Timanttia!

Girl power is strong in floorball movement. Finnish Floorball Federation is running a girl floorball project called "Tyttösäbä on Timanttia!", where also Realstick is taking part. A famous events are held all over the Finland, and lots of young girls becomes floorball freaks. That's very suitable for Realstick, to freak out some people of all ages. Read more,


Kirkkonummi Rangers

Dang! They suffered in the battle, now we're paddling in the finnish 2nd division. Must say, they didn't play with our sticks last year! Maybe that was the reason for drop-down? Noo..They're still going with a big heart and a lots of noise! Meet you at the "Pommari" and you really see a true floorball sanctuary. It's located 40 km from Helsinki, Kirkkonummi city.
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