about Russia

about Russia

We love floorball. Especially the floorball sticks. Last 15 yrs and more has gone with children and hobby sticks. It's time to jump out for higher demands.


From the very beginning, we've need the help of the professionals. For the features,  we don't hypothesize anything, because we don't have a clue what's happening inside the rink.


That's why we need you. To tell us what you want for floorball stick. We're never far away from our customers.


Realstick is founded in 1996. Today we sell about 130 000 sticks per year. That's a heck of amount of carbon fiber, plastic and metal screws. We've always listened what our customer wants, and that is what we're going to do also tomorrow.


We are the official partner of the World Champions, Team Finland. We're also supporting the Russian National team.


It's a joy to develop floorball in countries where our sport is not so popular yet. We believe to the growth together with our partners. Giving a good hobby to child is a promise of a good future.




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